EZCastPro -LAN BOX B01

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The EZCast Pro LAN is a new product integrating Ethernet to provide more stable internet connection.The WiFi module with dual antennas design provides better wifi access point performance. Dual output for VGA/HDMI, in cooperate with far-site administration and enterprise router supporting, make EZCast Pro LAN best fit for office and classroom presentation.

EZCast Pro SW Features

Content Broadcast (AirView), This new feature brings EZCast Pro hardware to broadcast current display to any other connected devices. Simply enable this icon, and all you have to do is waiting for the content to be displayed. It’s a great way to share the presentation details in your meeting.

EZCast Pro LAN supports far-site administration control for display, conference, and setting.

Supports 6 most popular OS

EZCast Pro has released versions for Windows Phone and Chrome OS. EZCast Pro now supports 6 most popular OS.

What's In The Box

EZCast LAN Box, HDMI to VGA adapter, Audio line, HDMI Cable, 5V/1A Power adapter+USB Cable, Quick Guide